Tuesday, 16 April 2013

George & Summer

Hi everyone!
This post is about our two Persian cats and how funny they are!

1. George, my cat, is quite funny because when you call him he comes running. (I thought only dogs did that!)

George on White by micklyn

^ A beautiful picture of Georgie-Porgie.

2. Summer, my Mom's cat, is funny because when she is drinking water she scratches the floor at the same time. Also, she she tries to catch the water with her paws when it comes out of the tap. Aren't cats supposed to hate water?

Who are you calling a big ball of fur?  by micklyn

^ Summer, looking so very innocent.

3. This is a more of a cool fact about George: his Dad was a model cat - he was in a photographic shoot for a cat food advert!

Introducing George, AKA Man About Town by micklyn

^ George when he was still a kitten.

4. Summer has stayed almost as little as when we first got her!

You had me at 'meow'  by micklyn

^ You had me at 'Meow'. Summer.

Look me in the eye and tell me it's not serious... by micklyn

^ The gorgeous light captures Summer's bushy tail...

5. George sleeps on the laundry, and leaves his long white hair EVERYWHERE.

Perfectly, Elegantly, Charmingly Ugly by micklyn

^ Here George is very clean and elegant looking.

6. George will only eat if his bowl is filled to almost overflowing.

They say that NOTHING beats a good belly laugh!  by micklyn

^ Havng a good laugh! Lol!

7. Once I was bathing George, and I'd washed his whole body and his little face and I thought I was done, but hten I saw his tail and it looked BROWN compared to the rest of him. I think it is because he loves to roll in the dirt! He is also often all covered in leaves and twigs.

^ A drawing my Mom did of George when he was a kitten.

8. They are both SO cute and we love them!

Love, Hugs and lots of Warm Fuzzies by micklyn

^ Summer and George snuggling.

Well, those are our little furballs. All of the pictures are done by my Mom, click HERE to see more of her wonderful work.


  1. I so enjoyed this post, Grace! I think I almost love cats now! I'm more of dog person, but cats might just be growing on me...

    Love and hugs!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I love most animals I think - but cats are the best!:)
      love grace xxx ♥

  2. This is a wonderful post, Gracie! Yeah I agree with Kelly. Cats might be growing on me. Not literally, though...lol! Great work, I like how you added those pics!
    Tane ♥

    1. Hey, tane dogs might be growing on me!!!
      Anyway thanks for commenting!

  3. this is WONDERFUL grace hudson xoxoxoxo :)