Sunday, 21 April 2013

Photo Fun

Hi everybody! The other day, I was taking some was my sister Tane. Levi joined in the fun. I took all of the ones that have Tane or Levi in, and she took the ones of me. Tane also edited the photos. Here they are:

^ My sister Tane took this's my favourite of me!

^ Tane and Levi! This is my favourite one that I took.

^ I took this one as well. 

^ Tane again! Another photo I captured.

^ My second favourite one of me! Tane did this picture.

^  I love this one as well, although it isn't the best in my opinion.

Which one is your favorite?


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  2. Great post and fantastic pics, Grace. :) It was fun, wasn't it?
    Tane xxx ♥

  3. Well you are both such good photographers. I love the one of Tane and Levi and I love both the ones of you in colour, not so much the black and white. It is funny but that one reminds me of myself at your age. They say we are quite alike. Super photos and it must have been lots of fun. Levi certainly looks very very cute these days. Longing to see you all. Lots of love Nana

    1. Hi, Nana
      levi is VERY CUTE, but he is alos very naughty!;)
      Thhanks for commenting:)
      Love grace oxoxoxo ♥