Thursday, 11 April 2013


(I drew the picture above - it's a saber tooth tiger)

Here are some cool things about tigers!
1. Did you know that if a tiger licked you, you will start to bleed? Well, it is because their tongues are so rough that you bleed!
2. Saber tooth tigers once ruled North and South America.
3. Tigers have four toes on their back feet, and five on their front feet. The fifth toe does not touch the ground when the tiger walks.
4. In a part of India called the Sundarbans, tigers kill and eat up to 300 people a year. Tigers usually avoid humans, but sometimes, when a tiger can't catch its typical prey, it will start eating people.
5. Because tigers hunt by suruprise, they prefer not to attack people who are looking a them. Trying to prevent tiger attacks, fishermen in areas populated by tigers have worn masks on the backs of their heads.


  1. Fabulous picture, Grace, I really love it! And those are such cool facts about tigers. :)
    Tane xxx

  2. Goodness - I wouldn't want to meet one of those without protection!! Stunning picture, Grace and I think your blog is beautiful!! Much love! Kelly xxx

    1. Hey, Kelly I'm glad that those type of tigers aren't raoming around any more! Anyway thanks for commenting! love grace xxxxx ♥ :)