Sunday, 5 May 2013


Hey, everyone! I have been interested  in origami in the last few weeks, and I have made some things! I want to know which set you like the most. 

^ I call this one the mix! (It's all of them together!)

^ This one is everyone loves to play the piano!

^ This one is 'don't you love being around roses?'!  

^ And this one is it's fun to be in the sun!

^This one is God made all animals!

^ This one is who doesn't like to go shopping!

^ This one is everyone loves cute outfits!

^ This one is don't you love to go on a picnic, when flowers are around!

I'd like to know which one you think is best. :D
Anyway, thanks for reading! Good bye!
P.S. I took all of the photos!


  1. I loved reading this! grace it's so cool! Hudson :) :D ♥

    1. Hey, hud thanks so much for commenting!
      Love grace xxx ♥

  2. These are amazing, Grace! I think they're all super - well done:) Much love, Kelly-Anne xx

  3. Hey, Kelly have you ever tried to do origami before???????
    Anyway thanks for commenting it makes me happy ;D
    Love grace oxoxoxoxoxoxo ♥ ♥

  4. Cool! I've done origami, too. :) I love the flower one!! :) (last one :))

  5. Thanks for commenting!!! Origami is fun isin't it:)
    Love grace oxoxoxox ♥

  6. Wow, Grace! They are all amazing and beautiful. ♥ I don't have much patience for origami, but by the looks of it - you've totally nailed it! I would have to say that I have three favourites... ;) They are the frog and the piano, the dress and the heart, plus the butterfly and the roses. Great job. :)
    Tane xxx

  7. Thanks for commenting tane!! I am shore that if you had a little
    more patience you would be able to do it!!:)
    Love grace oxoxoxoxoxo ♥

  8. Hi Grace these are so beautiful and so well done. I love the one with the piano and also the bright flower one, but seeing I also grow roses, I guess I like that one too. Lucky this isn't a competition! As Tane says, you've totally nailed origami! Clever young lady, and did you do the photos too?
    Lots of love

    1. Hey, Nana
      yes, I did take the photos!
      What did you think of them?
      Anyway thanks for commenting :)
      Love grace oxoxoxo ♥