Thursday, 21 November 2013

Holly's Babies

Hey everyone!
It's been a while since I did a post about baby guinea pigs, so I am very excited about this!
And I am excited also because they had a black one and that's first black guinea pig we have ever had.
I am going to go oldest to youngest! :) But the sad news is that one darling from the litter died, we don't how, but when we found them it was dead. :( Anyway, we're glad we've got the rest!

^ This is the Caramel,  he's the Dad, and he has a big, cute nose don't you think? I love that nose of  his!

^ This is the next oldest, She's called Flossy she is the main Mom in the family, and she is so cute ;)
 (And she is Tane's guinea pig!) :D

^ This is the Mommy of the babies that were born recently, and her name is Holly. I love the bit of white
on her nose, it is so cute!

^ This is Hazel, my little pink nosed adorable thing! She's mine as well as Caramel. Her nose is so, cute
and, so PINK! ;D

^ This is the black baby, his name is Kimbo. He belongs to Tane. What a cute thing and his nose is just like he's dads, don't you think so?

^ And  last of all the cute, cute, guinea pigs is Ginger, the sweet little thing, with her Mommy's nose!

All the cute pigs together!

So what do you thing of this ADORABLE, CUTE, AND SWEET, guinea pigs? :D

^ Here is a picture of the hole family, what do you think? Well, I think they are very cute and I love them very much. Oh and one more thing, little baby guinea pigs are on the way, because two of our guinea pigs are pregnant,  I can't wait for them to have more baby guinea pigs!
Anyway goodbye for now.


  1. Adorable!! Wonderful post, Grace!
    Tane ♥

    1. Thanks Tane! ♥ I now that you don't have, much to say because you see them everyday!
      Love Grace

  2. Aww... all of the guinea pigs are adorable! My cousins used to have a guinea pig but it got old and died. :( I love Caramel and Kimbo but all of them are so sweet. :)

    1. I thank you so much for commenting Molly... So I guess you like Caramel, and Kimbo because of there nose'is? Or do you think they are just so cute?
      Love Grace xxxxxx

  3. AW They are all sooo cute! I love guinea pigs haha they're adorable

  4. Ya, they are SO cute! ♥ I love them so much! :)
    Anyway thanks so, so, much for the lovely for
    the comment! Love Grace xxx ;)

  5. Wow, what a beautiful little family you have there! Such a sweet post, Grace!

  6. Thanks Kelly-Ann! They are very beautiful, and they are going to have more babies! Grace xxx ♥