Sunday, 22 December 2013

Elze's Blog!

Hi there! This post is about my best-friend, Elze. She has just started a blog and I would LOVE it if you would go and check out her blog, PLEASE! Click here if you want to check out her blog.... : D And she is Afrikaans, so if there are some spelling mistakes don't worry.
Oh and she will be writing in English... Thanks for reading!


  1. She has a nice blog. =) I'll become a follower if she adds the followers button.

    1. I know how to follow her without a following button!
      All you have to do is Copy her blog link, and go to blogger home and press Add, and then you Paste her blog link next to the place that says Add from URL, and then you press follow! Thanks for commenting! ;) Grace xxx ♥ :)

    2. Thanks! I did it.

      Molly ♥

  2. Hey I tagged you to do the Christmas Spirit Tag!
    Here's the link:

  3. Cool, I will go and check it out! Anyway Merry Christmas, and thanks for commenting! Grace xxx ♥ :D