Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Goodbye, You 4 Sweethearts.

3 Days ago, me, Tane and Perrin (By the way, Perrin is my older sister, She was on blogger for a quite a while, but she is not anymore) went to sell our 4 for our guinea pigs that we don't have space for. So before they went, me and Tane took pictures of them, so we can remember them forever.

^This is Cocoa, I miss him SO MUCH, like all the rest! :(

^This is Cashew, he's so handsome, like Cocoa and Decker!

^Speaking of Decker, this is Decker. He is so white, and cute!

^This is the little princess of the litter. Her name is cupcake. She is very beautiful, don't ya think? 

We miss them very much. But we're going back to that pet shop in a week, and we might see them, if they aren't sold yet!
P.S. We are going to that pet shop to get a new guinea pig, I can't wait! Thanks for reading, bye!


  1. I hope you see the guinea pigs when you go to the place you sold them to. :) And when you get the new guinea pig post some pictures! ♥

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Molly! I am busy on a post about her, I just need to take the pictures, and then I will post! : D Grace xxx ♥ ; ) P.S Oh I forgot to tall you we got the new guinea pig to day, so I started a doing post about her today!

  3. Aw they are so cuteeee!!
    I love Cashew's colors :D


  4. Yea Cashew has lovely colors! Thanks for commenting!
    Grace xxx ♥

  5. Oh, I do so miss those fuzzbuckets. Lovely post, sis.
    Tane ♥