Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Lovely Blessings

Once again the guinea pigs had babies! And I'm so happy, because every time they have babies it's a blessing from God, I mean, they are amazing. :) Anyway, me and my sister, Tane, took some pictures of the babies and I wanted to share them, so here they are. Enjoy.

   ^This is the Dad. He is so cute and his nose is so ADORABLE!

   ^This is the Mom, she is my guinea pig I love her little pink nose and her tiny claws, she's a sweetie!! : )

  ^This is the biggest of the litter, she is so pretty! Her name is Nutmeg. It's a cute name, hey? we are only    going to keep her out of the whole litter, it's sad because I love and want all of them!

^This is domino, we didn't think that we would get a black one, and we love him! I enjoy the little guy a lot.


^This is Leo, my favorite one, because he has the best heart. Oh, and he is the runt, I love runts for some reason! :) Anyway, what do you think? And which one is your favorite?!? Goodbye for now. Thanks for reading!


  1. They are ADORABLE! I really like domino. Thanks for posting about them.

    Molly ♥

  2. Thanks so much for commenting Molly! ♥ They are ADORABLE, my favorite rites are... wall all of them! ;) ♥ Grace ♥ xxx ♥ :)

  3. ♥Grace I like domino and nutmeg the most!♥
    ♥But all of them Are ADORABLE!!!♥
    ♥Love from your B-F!!!♥

  4. Aw thanks for commenting B-F!! I think that if you now, Leo's personality you would love all of them the same! Like I do, I just like Leo a little more, for his personality. ; ) But I love them all very, very, very much! ♥ Love from your B-F A.K.A grace xxx ♥

  5. Hey, Grace - wonderful post! We have such adorable guinea pigs. :)
    Tane ♥

    1. Thanks Tane. I love my guinea pigs so much. :)
      Grace xxx ♥

  6. Thanks for commenting Radiance! They very cute. :)

  7. I love guinea pigs! And yours are just too sweet! How many piggies to you have now?? We have fourteen, but that is only because we are waiting for the right homes for the babies! Such cute pictures! Lots of love, Kelly-Anne

  8. Thanks for commenting Kelly-Anne! We had 13, but we soled most of the babies. We are keeping 2, and and selling selling 2. But here's the GOOD new we are going to buy 2 more guinea pigs soon. ;) Grace xxx ♥ :)