Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My Sister's Stuff {Perrin and Tane's art work!}

Hi everyone! I want to show you some of  Tane and Perrin's art, I hope you enjoy seeing them all!

Whale in the Deep - a hand drawn illustration Art Print

^This is a very pretty whale, don't you think so?

Lucky Bunny Art Print

^This is a very lucky bunny, very cute too!
Baby Elephant Love - ombre mint & purple Art Print

^Aw, these elephants are loving each other! Cute.

Happy Wheels - Penguins on Skateboards  Art Print

^These are some happy wheels penguins!

Good Company - two cats on a mat Art Print

^I love these cats, they are so cute!

Cold Outside - cute giraffe illustration Art Print

^This is a lovely scarf giraffe! (By the way, all of the artworks above were done by Perrin. All of the below are done by my other sister, Tane)

Aqua, Pink and Purple Doodled Pattern Art Print

^This picture has wonderful colors, don't you think?

Somewhere Only You And I Know - Illustration of a Girl Riding an Elephant Art Print

^This is such a cute drawing!

Aqua Turquoise Sparkle - Doodle pattern with aqua galaxy / sparkle  Art Print

^This one has nice blues in it. :)

Tropical Diamonds - Digital art pattern Art Print

^This is a lovely pattern.

You Don't Have To Be a Star To Shine - Doodle pattern in black and white with typography Art Print

^This is just so sweet!

When You Are By My Side - Illustration of a couple holding umbrellas Art Print

^And the last one it very sweet and inspiring, don't you think so?

Anyway which drawing of  Perrin's are your favorites? And which one of Tane's is your favorite?  (you can choose more thane one) :) I love all of them, they are so inspiring! Thanks for reading everyone!

PS: If you click on anyone of Tane's pics, it will go to her online store. The same for Perrin's. Oh, and, Tane is twelve and Perrin is seventeen.


  1. I can't choose. They are all so very good.

    1. Thanks Melody! I love your comments. :)
      Grace xxx ♥

  2. These are all amazing! My favorites of Perrin's are the elephants and the cats. They are adorable. :D Out of Tane's I like the first one best.

    You seem to have many talented artists in your family. =) ♥

    1. Ha ha! Thank you for commenting Molly! I love all of our artists... :) Grace xxx ♥

  3. Wow! I wish I had artists in my family! I loved the elephant ones!

    1. Thanks Aili! I think that you should do some art some time... :)
      Grace xxxx ♥

  4. I like Tane's one about being a star and I like Perrin's Whale one, although they are all very sweet :)
    Xoxo, Hannah

    1. Oh thanks very much Hannah, I really liked your comment. Grace xxx ♥ :)

  5. The bunny is really cute and I like the blue flower, too