Sunday, 2 February 2014

iPhones and Clocks!

Hey all you lovely blogger friends! I am doing a post on my sisters' and my Mom's art again, but this time I am going to do some of their products instead of their images. I hope you like them!

 iPhone Cases!

^This one is done by my Mom. I love it on a iPhone!

^This one is done by Perrin. (My older sister.) I love cats... :)

^This one is done by Tane, click here to see her blog. I love the zigzags! (it's a purple, pink and aqua galaxy behind) 


^Done by my Mom. I LOVE the pattern! ;)

^Done by Perrin. I love those elephants! 

^Done by Tane. I love this one so much, I think it might be one of my favorites! 
Anyway which ones do you like best? I love all of them! :) Hope you enjoyed! If you want here are the links to my sisters' and Mom's online stores. Click HERE for my Mom's, HERE for Tane's, and HERE for Perrin's.


  1. Aw, all of them are lovely. I love the clocks. Thanks for posting my products, Grace!
    Tane ♥

  2. Shore Tane! Thank you for commenting! ♥
    Grace xxxx ♥ :) ;)

  3. Are all of the artworks drawn by hand or are some of them digital?
    But anyways, I love the artworks! Your sisters are talented!

    1. the first one is digital, but all the rest are bone by hand, and only one is a photo! ;) thanks for commenting! ♥ :) Grace xxx

    2. Hey Miss H...the first and the third are digital. Well, the third is digital/photography.
      Tane ♥

    3. wow! cool :) you guys did a fantastic job :)

    4. You are so kind Miss H! ♥ :)
      Grace xxx ;)

  4. Beautiful! I like Perrin's iPhone case best and I love the clocks! They are all wonderful. =)

    Molly ♥

  5. Aw thanks so much Molly! I also love that iPhone that Perrin did! Grace xxx ♥ :D

  6. These are so pretty! I love the first phone cover and the chervon one. The first clock and the elephants are really cute, but they are all great.
    So creative!

  7. Aw thanks so much! I love your comments... :)
    Grace xxx