Monday, 31 March 2014

What Sea Animal Would You Be?

All of you have s probable seen What animal Would You Be Part 1, 2, and 3. And I know this is sort of the same thing but E asked me so tell her what animal she would be, so I am doing a new post about What Sea Animal Would You Be? Because I don't want to do a What Animal Would You Be Part 4!! I hope ya don't mined. :) So all you need to do is comment and tell me if you want me to tell YOU what sea animal I think you would be, and in my next post I will tell you! Thank you for reading! P.S You can use this fun game on your blog too. But if you do, please link back to my blog. :) It's just a thing I made up.


Monday, 24 March 2014

4 Amazing Gifts From God.

Okay, my guinea pig had babies ( I am SO happy! ) she had babies for the second time in her life! And I got say, these babies are so cute, sweet, and adorable! And I am going to share some pictures of them, enjoy.

^This is Oreo. He is so sweet, and soft! :)

^This is Brew. She is so white! ;)

^This is Zoe. And she is the person guinea pig, she loves us for incites. ;)

^This is Prince. I love his colors, they are so cool!

 Anyway their Mom is Hazel, and their Dad is Caramel! I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Bye for now.

Friday, 21 March 2014

One of My Favorite Songs

Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time.... but I am back on blogger now! :)  Anyway this is one of my favorite songs! I really wanted to share it with you, so I am.

This song is about a girl who attends her fiance's funeral two weeks after her eighteenth birthday. He had to go to war...and he died. They never got to get married, and she can't believe it because she was looking forward to being with him forever.
It's sad, but I like it. It's by Carrie Underwood, one of my favorite singers. I hope you like this post, sorry it's short, bye!


Monday, 17 March 2014

What Animal Would You Be? Part 3!

I am doing this post because, 3 people only asked me to tell them what animal I think they would be, after I had done my post What Animal Would You Be? Part 2 So this post is: What Animal Would You Be? Part 3!

Elze would be a wonderful baby wolf, because they are beautiful, playful, smart and totally lovable. (Elze is my best can see why)


Amy-Anne Williams would be an amazing tiger!

white tiger caldwell zoo Save Our Tigers! I’m roaring, Are you?


Brooke Jordan would be a sweet puppy! 


GuineaPigGirl would be a ...deer!


I hope you guys are happy with your animals! :)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

What Animal Would You Be? Part 2.

Okay, so, the people who read my post, What Animal Would You Be?  will know what this post is about. A few people wanted me to tell them what animal I think they would be in my mind. And this is what I think...

Radiance would be a... lovely panther!


Melody Silverleaf  would be a wonderful bunny! :)

Melody would be a beautiful dolphin!

Dolphin Jump Sunset Wallpapers Pictures Photos Images


Natasha would be a sweet polar bear! 



Miss H would be an adorable Kitten!


Claire Bear, would be a bright colored parrot!

Colorful Parrot


My good internet friend Molly (She has no blog, so I am not linking.) would be an elegant, snowy white fox!


Amelia Grace would be a fantastic butterfly!

Peacock butterfly on Buddleia bush. Image: Lewis Collard, Wikipedia


Ashley would be a brilliant snow leopard!



Tane would be a lion, or a white lion!



So, did you like the animal I picked you to be? All you animals I picked are some of my favorite! I hope you aren't offended at all by anything...if you are, tell me and I will change your animal. Bye. :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

What Animal Would You Be?

Hey everyone! :) I was inspired by my Mom tonight! I asked her what I would be if I was animal?
She said "You would be a... Pony! Because they are cute, friendly, and everyone likes them."


Anyway, I want to do something fun.
If you want me to tell you what animal I think you would be on my next post, just comment and ask me to add you. So what do you say?

Monday, 10 March 2014

My New Page!

Hi. I have made a new page on my blog, I would like you to see it, because it might have your blog on, sorry that this is a short post, I will post again soon! :) Click here to see the page! Bye!

New Blog Design

Hi, everyone. :) My sister, Tane, redesigned my blog! What do you think? Do you like it? I do.
My sister offers free designs, to read more about that click HERE.
I am happy with my new design! Lucky for me I have a designer as a sister. But she will design for anyone for free, she's looking for experience.
Bye for now!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Star In The Storm ~ Book Review

I loved the book, Star in The Storm, so I am going to do short review on it!

This story is about a girl, (Maggie) and her dog, (Sirius).
Her dog is falsely accused of killing a sheep, and a new law is made that non-shepherding dogs are outlawed. So Maggie hides her dog, and wonders if she will ever see him again. She worries that he will be found and shot. But all she can do is hope for the best... 
I really enjoyed this book, and would suggest buying it!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tote Bags!

I haven't done a post on my Mom's art for a while, but this time I am going to do some of her products! 

 Tiger in the Trees - Painting / Collage Tote Bag

This design is so amazing, I might post it on my blog more then once! (I hope you don't mind if I do.)

Child's Play 2 - hexagon pattern in soft blue, pink, peach & aqua Tote Bag

Child's Play - hexagon pattern in mint green, pink, peach & aqua Tote Bag

Out of these two designs, which is your fave? (they are both slightly different from each other) 

Shades of Grey - mono floral doodle Tote Bag

I love this black and white tote bag! 

Posing Poppies - bright, vintage toned poppy still life Tote Bag

I love poppies! :) <3

It's for you ... Tote Bag

I love the color of the phone! ;)
That is all, I hope you enjoyed my post! Bye. Oh, by the way, here is my Mom's online store.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Some Pics That Nobody Saw

Hi everyone! A long, long time ago I did a post about our last day on the farm that we had, but nobody commented, except for my sister Tane, and my bro Hudson, but what I am trying to say is that no one saw the pics, so I am reposting them, if you want to see my post on the last day on our farm click HERE.


All of these pics are taken by ME! Please don't steal, but you may pin! ;)

I hope you enjoyed this post. Bye! :)