Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I'm on Instagram!

I am so sorry that I haven't been blogging lately... But I have some good news! I am now on Instagram, I really love it so much, and I am going to share some pics that I took with my iPod.
Here they are!

^ Jarvis, my guinea pig.

^ Hartford, our Siamese cat.

^ I have always loved tree silhouettes against the sky.

^ I took this shortly after Autumn arrived.

^ I love these - they are called bunny ears.

^ Hartford lazing in the sun on my older sister's bed.

^ Blue skies and white fluffy clouds...

^ I took these photos just before Brandy, our guinea pig, had to be sold. I miss her!

^ I saw a butterfly land on this bright flower, and couldn't resist. 

^ Top-left: April, a sweet piggie. Top-right: Robin, one of her sons. Bottom-left: Rambo, another one of her sons. Bottom-right: Rontu, her third son. Aren't they cute?

^ This is a wild iris flower.

^ The sky was so pink one evening.

^ A purple daisy.

^ Caramello, another guinea pig of mine.

^ Hartford didn't mind when two guinea pigs (Knight and Peaches) snuggled with her.

^ Pretty, pretty, pretty!

^ I love this quote!

^ A collage...what do you think of this one? The moon was rising (top left) and it was wonderful!

^ Top-left: Jarvis. Top-right: Hazel. Bottom-left: Hazel and Jarvis's offspring, Knight, Peaches, Amber and Jack. Bottom-right: Pretty flowers.

Displaying photo.JPG
^ Some beautiful Bougainvillea.

^ And then God said, let there be light!
This was the sun rising the day before yesterday.

If you want to find me on Instagram, look up: graceqsmith

So, which is your fave?

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Entry For Eve's Writing Contest // My Guinea Pig Had Babies // a poem

Hi, lovely followers! I wrote a poem to enter in Eve's writing contest. Here it is:

Today my guinea pig
(my gorgeous Hazel-girl)
had four new little babies -
she had one big dark one,
with a white stripe & a caramel paw,
another was all toffee and black mixed up.
One  was a pot of cocoa brown,
sticky black toffee & white frosting,
like sugar!
Last and least of all, a tiny runt,
named Night, like a scrap of coal with whiskers.
Little fluffy bundles of yummy perfection
I love them all!

Did you like it?