Thursday, 5 June 2014

Entry For Eve's Writing Contest // My Guinea Pig Had Babies // a poem

Hi, lovely followers! I wrote a poem to enter in Eve's writing contest. Here it is:

Today my guinea pig
(my gorgeous Hazel-girl)
had four new little babies -
she had one big dark one,
with a white stripe & a caramel paw,
another was all toffee and black mixed up.
One  was a pot of cocoa brown,
sticky black toffee & white frosting,
like sugar!
Last and least of all, a tiny runt,
named Night, like a scrap of coal with whiskers.
Little fluffy bundles of yummy perfection
I love them all!

Did you like it?


  1. Beautiful poem, Gracie...I love those fuzz buckets as well...
    Tane ♥

  2. Lovely poem, Grace! The guinea pig babies sound so cute!! :)

    Molly ♥♥

  3. PS: Hey Gracie, I awarded you with the Warm Hugs Tag!

  4. Hi Grace!
    Lovely poem ♥
    And just to let you know i've tagged you on my blog for the warm hugs tag.
    Go check it out ( :
    Nyah x

    1. Share! Thank you so much Nyah!! ☻
      Grace x♥x