Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Liebster Award

Hey everyone! 
I am going to do a post on the LIEBSTER AWARD!

So thank you, Priscilla, for nominating me!!!  

Here are the rules:
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you,  
list 11 facts about yourself, 
answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger how nominated you, 
nominate bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers (you can't nominate the blogger who nominated you) 
ask the people you nominated 11 questions, 
let them now you nomination, and have fun!

My answers to the questions I got asked: 

Question: 1. what is your (or at least one of your) most favorite quote(s)?
1. Answer: One of my favorite quotes is: 

Question: 2. what sound do you like? (eg. train whistle, keyboard typing sound stuff, yeah. you can make up one if you'll like :D) 
2. I love the sound of a cats purring .

Question: 3. if you had a choice to meet anyone, could be dead or alive, who would it be?
3. Answer: Robert Downey jr.

Question: 4. when you meet someone new, what is the first thing you notice?
4. Answer: Their face.
Question: 5. have you ever danced in the rain?
5. Answer: Yes!
Question: 6. have you ever done a prank call?
6. Answer: No.
Question: 7. if you could write an autobiography, what wo.uld you name the book?
7. Answer: I don't have a clue
Question: 8. what is your perfect pizza?
8. Answer: Club pizza.
Question: 9. what do you miss about being a kid?
9. Answer: I'm only 11, so I am still a kid! ☻♥☻
Question: 10. what question do you hate to answer?
10. Answer: The one you just asked!!
Question: 11. what was the last movie you watched that made you cry or tear?
11. Answer: The Amazing Spider-man 2...




1. Your favorite movie?
2. What is your favorite subject in school?
3. Iron Man, or Captain America?
4. Blue, or pink?
5. What was the saddest book you ever read? 
6. How many siblings do you have?
7. When is your birthday?
8. Where do you like to go for a holiday? 
9. Are you more of an indoors person, or an outdoors person? 
10. What is your favorite hair color?
11. Do you like romance, action, drama, or sad movies? 

What do you think? I hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Read All About It♥

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in forever.... Anyway, I want to share this song with you all.
It's called: Read All About It by Emili Sandé. I hope you like it.

What do you think? I love this song so much, I might sing it at my choir!
Sorry this is a short post, bye for now!