Monday, 12 January 2015

A Few Questions...

♥ Hey everyone! I am going to do a question post, I hope you enjoy it. ♥ You can answer the questions in the comments below, and then in three days time I will do an Q&A's post for your questions and answers! And you don't have to answer all of the questions if you don't want to, and 
you can just answer your favorite ones if you don't want to answer them all. 
I would like to get to know my readers and blogger friends better, so here's my way of doing it...

 Question 1. Have you heard of loom bands? 

 Question 2.  What is you favorite color? 

 Question 3. Who is your over all favorite super hero? 

 Question 4. Who is your favorite actor?

 Question 5. Cats, or dogs?

 Question 6. Coffee, or tea? 

 Question 7. Inside, or outside? 

^Oh, and this pic was just for fun, by the way. :)

Did you like this post?
This was a lot of fun for me and I hope it was for you too! 
♥ P.S. Most of the pictures are not mine. ♥



  1. I have heard of loom bands, but have never had one or anything. Lilac and blue. I love dogs much better! Coffee or tea?..I don't really like either, but tea is better. Outside, unless it's winter. Great post! :D

    1. Thank you so muchfor you nice conmment Sarah!

  2. Such a cute blog! I'll definitely be following! <3

  3. 1. I have heard of loom bands.
    2. My favourite color is blue.
    3. My favourite (Marvel) super hero is either Ironman or Captain America.
    4. My favourite actor is probably Robert Downey Jr or Will Smith.
    5. I can't choose between cats or dogs - maybe it just depends on which cat and which dog I'm choosing between.
    6. Tea, definitely.
    7. Hmm...I spend a lot of time inside, but I definitely love the outside. So, I don't think I can choose.

    Really cool post, Grace. :)

  4. Great idea :D

    1: Yep :)
    2: Purple!!
    3: Iron Man ♥
    4: I like Anna Kendrick, but Jennifer Lawrence wins for expressions :)
    5: Dogs (unless they are Orange Tabby cats)
    6: Tea
    7: Inside (unless it is a really nice day)

    Hope you get more answers from people :P

    1. I love your answers so much, Iron man is also my favorite Marvel super hero!

  5. Yes, i have heard of loom band,
    I don't have one,
    and Inside :)

  6. 1. No
    2. Blue or red.
    3. I have no idea
    4. Sutton Foster
    5. Dogs, but I love cats too!
    6. Tea :)
    7. Probably outside.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment!

  7. Hello Grace dear - how are you today? Been visiting a few of my lovely blog friends today and I thought I would stop by:) Hugs to you! Kelly-Anne xxx

  8. 1. Yes, I have heard of loom bands - my sisters have some:)
    2. Pink!
    3. Jesus! No other fave superhero:)
    4. Probably Julie Andrews
    5. Dogs
    6. Coffee - with plenty of honey:)
    7. Oh, outside for sure!!

    There you are! Hugs to you my friend:)

    1. Thank your for your comment, you are right jesus is the best super hero ever!

  9. 1. Yes
    2. Black or purple
    3. Spider-man
    4. don't have just one...
    5. Dogs, but I like some cats too
    6. TEA
    7. Depends on what I'm doing and the time of year, but usually outside

  10. Hello Grace!
    Yes I love making them, Sky blue, Definitely JESUS, Julie Andrews, Dogs!, Tea ( I dont drink coffee ), Outside!,
    Great post!
    Love, Beth

  11. Hey Bf! This is a great post! I really liked it!!! Can't wait for your next post!!!
    Here is my answers

    1.Yes, I have heard of loom bands
    2.My favourite colour is Blue
    3. I don't really have one
    4.Can't remember the name......
    5. It depends on the attitude of the cat or dog. I love both
    6. Tea please. I don't drink coffee
    7.Rainy days: Inside, Chilly days: On a horse outside.:)

    So there you have it!
    Love ya

  12. I have heard of loom bands
    My fave colour is purple
    I don't have a favourite superhero
    I don't have a fave actor
    I like dogs most
    I like coffee (although I'm not allowed to drink it! :D )
    Like being inside and outside. plus it depends on the weather

    That was a fun post!
    I liked it :)

    1. Thanks! I am very happy you like my blog!

  13. My favorite superhero is Captain America!
    My favorite color is green!
    I love dogs
    does iced coffee count ;P
    Love your blog!
    Ellie R.

  14. Cool! I like your blog! I especially like the design...the theme! :D
    My answers
    Question 1. Have you heard of Loom bands.
    No, I haven't really heard of Loom bands

    Question 2. What's your favorite color?
    My favorite color is blue

    Question 3. Who is your over all Hero?
    Ummm....God and my dad and my family...I don't really know! :D

    Question 4. Who is your favorite actor?
    I don't think I really have a favorite actor, but I think Max on the movie Max does a good job (for a dog) of playing his part!

    Question 5. Cats, or dogs?
    Dogs! Definately! Dogs are my favorite animal in the WORLD!!!! I LOVE dogs! :D

    Question 6. Coffee, or tea?
    Tea, for sure! ;)

    Question 7. Inside, or outside?
    Well....probably both, but my dog and horse and chicks are outside, so...outside probably,I don't know! :D

    There! I hope you liked my answers! :D and the extra is my favorite writer...: Piet Prins! (Pieter Jongeling)

  15. 1. Yes, I think so
    2. Carolina blue
    3. Captain America maybe (but I don't really actually know much about super heroes. Haha!)
    4. James Arness
    5. Dogs
    6. Tea
    7. Outside